Teeth Whitening

One of the first things that people will notice about your appearance is your smile. Unfortunately as time passes, it’s hard for people to maintain that bright white hue due to the constant exposure of minerals from food, drinks and tobacco products. You may ask “How do I get rid of these harsh yellow discolorations to my teeth?” Here at Smile Maker, Dr. Karagodsky offers the finest of teeth whitening services to the Philadelphia region to help you reach that aesthetically desirable smile.

Our dental office offers the most modern and sufficient forms of technology in the teeth whitening industry. We are proud to announce that our office offers Zoom! system as well as take-home whitening kits to our patients who are looking to enhance their smile. Zoom! teeth whitening is the fastest and most effective solution to erasing the years of discoloration to your teeth. Patients are able to get their teeth eight shades lighter using this type of laser teeth whitening treatment.

In most cases, stains have surpassed the outermost layer of the enamel of the tooth. Zoom! Whitening uses a light and effective treatment to correct these rooted stains, allowing you to enjoy your natural white teeth color. Unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening strips (which only remove stains found at the surface of the tooth), Zoom! makes sure that the deeply set stains will be erased as well.

The Procedure

Zoom! whitening procedure is painless and swift. During the first part of the procedure, your teeth will be isolated as a way to protect your gum line and lips. Once this isolation is complete, a whitening gel is then placed on the surface of the teeth. A light that is engaged at your teeth then activates this whitening gel. After a duration of a little over an hour, this procedure will have whitened your teeth eight shades lighter.

Teeth laser whitening offers patients the fastest and most effective path to reaching a brighter smile. This is usually a one-time treatment for most patients with results that will last for years.

Teeth whitening procedures are not always the best solution for patients experiencing teeth discoloration. Some of these stains can be darkening from cavities or too deep-rooted to be removed. During a dental visit, Dr. Karagodsky will evaluate if you are a good candidate for Zoom! whitening treatment and discuss further details of this treatment option. Following proper oral care instructed to you by Dr. Karagodsky you will be able to enjoy these results for years to come.

Smile Maker wants to restore your confidence in your smile, which is why we offer our teeth whitening procedures. If you are interested in obtaining that brighter, whiter smile call Smile Maker today to talk to Dr. Karagodsky about your next visit.

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