Root Canal Therapy

When we hear of the procedure “root canal” we cringe in the mere mention of these words. Needles, discomfort and pain are usually associated with thoughts that inevitably run into our heads. You can rest assure here that at Smile Maker, Dr. Karagodsky will put these emotional discomforts to rest.

One of our most predominant concerns once a tooth has been damaged, decayed or cracked, is whether the natural tooth can be salvaged or not. Root canal therapy is a procedure that allows you to keep your natural teeth and a way to prevent the procedure of a dental implant to be performed.

Root Canal

Within the center of the tooth is a soft tissue known as the pulp. The pulp is made up of connective tissues and blood vessels, which extend to the crown down to the tips of the roots of the tooth. When the pulp of the tooth is infected or inflamed, the feeling of severe pain and discomfort are usually associated with this type of tooth damage. This feeling of ache is a way for the nerves of your tooth to indicate to your body that is has been exposed to bacteria and decay. These are few signs that you should be aware of as an indication that the tooth may be damaged.

However, patients may not be aware that their tooth is infected or has been exposed to bacteria. Some patients do not experience any symptoms of pain. It is inoperative to schedule routine dental checkups with your doctor to protect your oral health and to as a preventative measure to insure proper dental health.

The Procedure

Dr. Karagodsky uses the latest form of endodontic technology and combined techniques, Dr. Karagodsky will make sure you feel safe and comfortable throughout the duration of this procedure. Once the infected area has been adequately numbed, the doctor will create a small opening on the surface of the tooth. From there a root canal file will gently remove the infected pulp from the canal and clean out any infected tissue. In the case where the tooth requires additional support, a tiny post is placed within the root canal and held into place with dental cement. A final filling is then applied to the surface of the tooth, so that a permanent dental crown can ultimately be placed on the tooth during your second visit.

Root canal therapy can help save your natural teeth from decay and ultimately dental extraction. Call Smile Maker today for further information about this procedure.

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