Dental bridge

The presence of having all of your teeth helps with daily voluntary functions such as chewing, speaking and keeps the alignment of your teeth in tact. When one or more of your teeth are missing due to tooth decay or damage to the structure of the tooth, shifting of the teeth can occur. Multiple shifting of the teeth can lead to oral health issues such as stress to your bite, become a resultant in periodontal disease and in more severe cases change the shape of your face. A bridge is a type of restorative dental device that replaces one or more teeth that are missing. This type of custom device fills in the space where the tooth has been removed by anchoring on to neighboring teeth.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an innovative form of technology that acts a solution to replace teeth that are missing as a way to restore the aesthetic alignment of your teeth, improve your smile’s appearance and ultimately acts a form of facial support. Dental bridges are a type of prosthetic device that help bridge the gap between missing teeth. The device itself consists of two crowns that act as the anchors of the bridge in which they will latch on to the neighboring teeth where the gap is. Cemented between the crowns is a pontic (false tooth), that acts as the stabilizer of the restorative device.

When you lose one or more teeth, the adjacent teeth are at a high probability of shifting, causing a change in your bite as well as your teeth alignment. These types of shiftings can lead to more severe oral health issues such as tooth lose, jaw pain and fractures in your teeth. Dental bridges are a great restorative dental procedure that helps protect your oral functionality as well as allow you to enjoy an aesthetically beautiful smile. These devices are unnoticeable to the general public for there are no wires or unsightly metal colors that peek out of your mouth.

The Procedure

During your initial visit for your dental bridge, Dr. Karagodsky will reduce a portion of enamel and dentin of the adjacent teeth of the gap of the removed tooth or teeth . An impression will be taken of the entire area to ensure that a correct bite will be formulated for the lab where the dental bridge will be fabricated. A temporary bridge will be placed in the gap until the construction of your dental bridge is finalized.

At your second visit, Dr.Karagodsky will adjust and cement the dental device into place to ensure a comfortable fit and bite. You will receive instructions on how to properly care for your restorative dental device at this time. These devices are very durable and will last for many years under the proper care.

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