Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that helps repair chipped teeth, mask discoloration or alters small imperfections of your teeth. By applying a composite resign onto your tooth, the appearance and nature of your smile will significantly improve. This type of cosmetic dentistry can help correct the position, color, shape and alignment of your teeth as a way to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your smile. Here at Smile Maker, Dr. Karagodsky can help fix that little chip or gap between your front teeth that you may feel self conscious about as a way for you to feel more comfortable to show off your pearly whites.

The Procedure

Dental bonding is amongst the most easiest and painless cosmetic procedures to undergo, as well as one of the simplest of steps to fix the aesthetic look of your teeth. In most cases the dental bonding procedure can be completed within one office visit. Dr. Karagodsky wlll begin with isolating the tooth or teeth that are in need of the dental bonding and use a shade guide to help match the composite resin with the color of your natural tooth. Next, the surface of the tooth is lightly etched to create a more secure tooth surface that the bonding material can adhere to. The bonding resin is then applied to the surface of your tooth or teeth as a way to hold the composite into place. Dr. Karagodsky will carefully shape the compound to fit the alignment of the surrounding teeth. A laser is then used to harden the material and keep the composite secured onto your natural tooth. The final step of the procedure will end with Dr. Karagodsky with smoothing and buffing your now new bonded tooth to create a natural looking tooth restoration.

A Good Candidate

The resin used in this cosmetic procedure is not a strong as your natural tooth enamel making is more vulnerable to stain or break. That is why bonding typically lasts anywhere between three to five years before you need to repair the composite. Due to these limitations, dental bonding is suited for candidates who are looking to temporary correct any minor tooth defects. Dental bonding is a painless and nearly effortless restorative procedure to help fix your teeth’s appearance. Dental bonds add strength to your teeth making them less susceptible to cracking and chipping. Another great benefit to this procedure is that unlike veneers and crowns that need to be sent out to a lab to complete, the bonding is almost always done in one visit at the office. Dental bonding can also be used to alter the size and shape of teeth as well as close spaces as a way to create a straight-looking appearance to your teeth.

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