Clear Braces

Straightening misaligned teeth doesn’t necessarily require the aid of noticeable metal brackets, modern technology has revolutionized a less noticeable alternative to the traditional metal brace. Clear braces or aligners are virtually invisible to the general public. They look and mimic a clear retainer, surrounding both the upper and lower teeth. Clear braces are an effective tool for teeth straightening and are especially ideal for those people who have a busy lifestyle and do not have the time to spare for frequent orthodontic treatments.

Metal braces are a successful tool for correcting misaligned teeth, however, we understand that many teens and adults do not want to use this customary method. Metal brackets and wires are very noticeable teeth correcting tool, which has led people to look for an alternative form of teeth correction. Clear braces specifically targets each individual tooth as a way to correct the alignment in which they fall. The aligner trays are removable, making cleaning your teeth and eating much easier to perform. This is also a huge benefit for decreasing the risk of staining or causing damage to the aligners, which is common with the metal brace.

Prolonging teeth straightening can cause a build up of plaque and bacteria to occur due to difficulty cleaning between teeth. If left untreated, gum disease can take place, which ultimately can lead to more devastating consequences such as tooth loss, heart disease and other related health problems. In some cases, patients may experience pain in their jaw, speech impairments and problems with chewing. Seeking orthodontic care for your teeth will allow for you to enjoy good oral health and a beautiful aesthetic smile.


ClearCorrect™ consists of a series of plastic trays called aligners, which are specifically custom- fit to each individual tooth. These aligners help correct misaligned teeth based on a stage-by stage correction, which will be implemented by Dr. Karagodsky. The usual discomfort from brackets and wires associated with the traditional metal brace are eliminated with these trays due to their smooth texture. The most enticing feature to this teeth-correcting tool is the fact that it is nearly invisible to the public. This type of advantage creates a sense of self-confidence when wearing ClearCorrect™, which is why many patients seek to use this option.


Many of our patients ask what the difference is between the similar systems of ClearCorrect™ and Invisalign®. Dr. Karagodsky favors ClearCorrect™ over the Invisalign® system due to it’s thinner aligners which ultimately prevents clouding to occur after a prolonged period of usage. All of ClearCorrect™ ‘s facilities are located here in the United States and use American-made products. Another advantage to this system is that it’s priced cheaper than Invisalign®.


Dr. Karagodsky will start with an initial examination of your mouth upon request to this dental service. During this examination he will discuss to you about your orthodontic options and determine whether you would be a good candidate for ClearCorrect™. For patients with more severe orthodontic requirements, Dr. Karagodsky will recommend the traditional metal braces. If he suggests that clear braces are suited for you, the doctor will then take digital images of your teeth as a way to create and customize your new aligners.

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